Pippa meets Millie

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Great games on the afternoon walk. Millie is a sport!
Oct 2nd

Now that’s more like it! And I though it was just their garden. Love the cows!

Millie shows me how it’s done but I’m on a horrid lead thing!

Day 6

In any case I am going to be top dog

I have decided that I don’t need my cage after all. I feel much safer when I’m with Millie and I also much prefer to share my meals with her up in the cooking area. Meal times are supposed to be sociable as I was taught by my mum

Day 5

I am really liking this place and Millie is fun to play with, tho she can be a bit rough at times! But I dont care….

I find it really hard to hold still for a photo, in fact Im always on the move except when I’m sleeping which is quite a lot. Today I learned the dog flap, with it held open. Easy peasy…..

next I have to jump through with the flap down!
And grass too! Enough to get the crazies…
When I’m not sleeping!

Aug 29 21. You can see that I have a bit of long curly hair which sticks right into my left eye and is quite itchy and runny. Fortunately my new human daddy was a surgeon and his wife an anaesthetist so with the aid of some small nail scissors they carefully removed the offending lock. Hey presto now I can see in 3-D!

My new home 27th August 2021

I was born on June 24th 2021 in a little village near Norwich to a lovely cocker spaniel mum and a dad who was an apricot miniature poodle. I am the last and smallest of nine brothers and sisters.

I arrived yesterday at my new home on the North Norfolk coast. It was all a bit strange but I soon felt at home with my new human mummy and daddy and Millie who is older and wiser and bigger….

Plenty of space for me in the kitchen / living room
Here I am in the cooking part of the kitchen! So many beds to choose from.
May be a while before I can manage the dog flap. Door open so no problems, already know where to go!

There is a large kitchen where everybody seems to be spending their time, and a lot of very comfortable beds for me to choose from. The door leads into a pretty garden with pebbles specially arranged for my personal needs

There is a nice comfortable cage in the corner which is my safe place but the door is left open. I have my lovely meals in there, because otherwise Millie might get there first. Millie seems to be always hungry, where as I can take it or leave it. Loads of toys, like Christmas (what is that?!!) Lots to chew more interesting than boring furniture.

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