End of season!

Please email us on burnhambreck gmail.com if you want early warning about next year’s bookings, or would like to leave a review or comment

Booking August 4-31 2020 see more info below

Find us here

Booking for Campervan / Motorhome to 8.5m length

Adults One off £5 booking fee plus £10 per night
Children up to 15 £3. Dog £2 (max 2). Check extras and rules when you book. Cassette zipped toilet tents no charge! Emptying tank with sanatizer and washing. Solar powered phone charging station.

No caravans or tents. Strict social distancing.
Toilet block and showers sadly closed. We cannot ask anyone to clean them during a pandemic. Cassette emptying and waste disposal provided.  No hook up. Most campsites we know are doing the same

Dear Chris, so sadly missed, RIP. To others, isolate so there will be no more.


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