Summer season Aug 2nd to 31st.

Facilities will be open, molecular anti covid treatment to cover August in addition to daily cleaning. Still recommended to be self sufficient!

Book now for wild camping tents and campervans/motorhomes up to 8.5 m long. Only 15 pitches in 5 acres with our amazing sea view. 10 minutes walk from Burnham Market pubs and resturants. 1/2 hr walk to Overt Staithe harbour, beach access and the great Hero pub. Check the TIDES on this site

Please read our cancellation policy! Take out insurance as no refunds..unused bookings are donations to our Church charity and you could claim on your tax. Take care not to get ‘pinged’. 

If you have questions afterwards please email 
burnhambreck at gmail.com
Emergency call 07493505732 - not for availability and booking, do that here, see main menu.

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