Booking August 2020 suspended!

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Chris Jacklin, one of our 3 founder members succumbed to the Coronavirus on March 28th https://www.facebook.com/1442560179/posts/10223063986015047/

Dear Chris, so sadly missed, RIP. To others, isolate so there will be no more.

March 30th

As the organiser of this Church of England charity, I am trying to support UK travellers who are stuck in New Zealand, many having run out of money. Please show your solidarity with them and if anyone has an idea as to how they could be collectively and safely helped financially, perhaps you could share it on our Facebook page or email me on burnhambreck@gmail.com

And visit this site to see the problem…


March 14th. Time to write something, and we can’t ignore the Cv (for short!). I suggest as there is some uncertainty (to say the least) about future plans, that you wait a bit before booking us. I am certain that by August all will be well and we will be a major stayvacation, but there is no need to book yet. Last year 90% of our bookings were in July and August, and I dont think we had to turn too many people away. We hope to accomodate everyone, even those who book on the day. We have some more space with 2P2P moving to Cley. We can accomodate about 200 people on site at any one time, though that is pretty busy! What I don’t want to do is have to agonise about refunds, which we normal convert into charitable donations to the church. I promise to keep you posted and we’d love to hear from you, about anything, in the comments here or on Facebook. Burnhambreck is already a community, and many people have stayed with us each year over the last 4 since we opened. Share your views here or on our facebook page


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