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Not too hot! Cool at night with nice northly breeze off the sea..❤️

Tuesday Aug 2nd

What a delight to meet our wild campers and motorhomes arriving on the first day. Wardens Jon and Sue are in their element for their 7th year here. So many old friends for me too. Love it!
There are still days free during this week and more later on.


Monday Aug 1st. Please be sure to read the noticeboards on arrival. Important info!

Sunday July 31st. RAIN! About 2 hours, more promised, but is it enough? We will proceed with caution but raised covered BBQs are now permitted…….hallelujah! No disposable barbeques (anywhere!)

Sadly, Deniz and Laurie have had to retire as Wardens after 7 years but Sue and Jon Brown have taken over at short notice. They have been guests every year since we started. You may remember their smart trailer tent. Say hello to them when you arrive.

July 29th 2022 Information from the Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service

Fire risk to campers. Updates to follow

I have received the following very helpful advice from Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service
Daniel Hutton writes;

I have received your email enquiring after Fire Safety Advice for the Church Charity Camp Site at Burnham Market from 2nd August to the 31st August.

Due to the current dry spell, wind conditions and temperatures I have requested additional advice from our operational crews. This could change if we have a period of rain between now and the 2nd august. They have advised the following;

Grass to be cut short.
No BBQs on grass (permitted if on fireproof material / stones – not currently available on site. Portable camping stoves on a table allowed)
No Fire Pits
Suitable disposal containers for used cigarette butts.
Mindfull of glass bottles or containers which could create a magnifier for the sunlight.

In addition to the above I would advise you to refer to your Fire Risk Assessment of the site which will highlight the mitigating factors that you would action to reduce the risk. Ensure that there is appropriate spacing between the tents, means of raising the alarm, access for emergency vehicles, fire points which will provide fire firefighting equipment for trained persons to use (I saw on your website that you have Wardens on site). Finally, ensure that you confirm persons understand and know what to do in the event of a fire.

I have also attached a publication released by the Government which provides Fire Safety Advice for the outdoors.

We have made sure all this is in place, including 3 ‘fire stations’ with instructions and copious fire buckets , full. But the most important thing is that all our guests including children are completely aware of the risk. Lets hope for some rain too – we all need it! Jonathan Hazell

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