Things to think about if you are given a positive test and are sent home to isolate.

If you have the time please watch this video from Dr Roger Seheult

Ways to reduce your viral load and lower chances of a bad outcome. Not a substitute for medical advice!

Breathing exercise

Gargle with mouthwash (containing CPC 0,07%). In vitro and early clinical trials at university of Wales and NIH

Oxygen saturation monitor. Keep above 93%. Should be 99%

Vit D high strength

Pronation. Lying face down drains lungs best.


The Health Factory ENT Nano Zinc & Silver Nasal Spray Ears (Eyes) Nose Throat 15 millilitres 150 sprays

steam inhalations (viruses are heat sensitive)

NB This is not intended in any way to be a substitute for proper medical advice. If your oxygen saturation is below 93% you should telephone 111

Jonathan Hazell

PS 40% of throat swabs are false negatives!

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