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Burnham Breck Camping TERMS & CONDITIONS

THE ORGANISATION is Burnham Breck Camping, a trading name of the Burnham Market and Norton Parochial Church Council (PCC). THE CLIENT is the person paying a booking fee, whose name appears on the booking form, for a calendar period and for a number of persons in their GROUP. The CLIENT must be at least 18 years of age. THE PERIOD OF HIRE means the time commencing with the arrival onsite, and terminating when the client and his group leave the site. The GROUP includes every person on a single pitch or campervan including children and babies. A BOOKING is the contract entered into by the CLIENT and the ORGANISATION for the right to use the site according to the type of camping specified and for the dates reserved. A charge is made for use of the site per adultper night (SITE FEE) in addition to any other facilities ( and from time to time children also) that may be hired or purchased from a third party. 1 GENERAL These terms and conditions apply to all contracts entered into between the organisation and the client unless expressly stated otherwise by the organisation 2 BOOKING CONDITIONS Quotes are provided on the basis that a booking is not confirmed until payment is made in full by the client through the internet payment system on www.burnhambreck.com , or by email. Please identify on your booking form if a third party is paying and who they are. Once payment is made it will not be refunded. Holiday insurance is strongly recommended in case of cancellation or bad weather. Unused booking fees may be considered as a donation to the St Margaret’s Church and can be treated as gift aid in your tax returns. (St Margaret’s Church Burnham Market Charity No 1140097). Groups are limited to 6 persons. For larger groups a second booking is required by a different client. The only exception is a booking by a bona fide church group who should email the organisation directly. A booking may only be deemed valid once the Client is in receipt of a booking confirmation from the Organisation. The Organisation will provide a booking confirmation subject to availability and on receipt of a fully completed booking form and when full payment is received which may take 24 hours. Bookings MUST be made 24 hours or more before arrival time. Each group is entitled to occupy one site only. Arrival. Pitches are let from 1400hrs and arrivals are between 1400hrs and 1700hrs. Please text your ETA to the contact number provided with your booking. In exceptional circumstances where journey delay occurs an arrival may allowed until 8 pm, but not afterwards. A steward will be on site at 12pm to check departures, and at 5pm to check arrivals. Please follow the instructions for finding your pitch, and the notice boards indicating traffic flow. Departure. Please vacate your pitch by 1200hrs on the day of departure. Visitors Any guest visitors invited to join a group during the daymust leave by 5 pm or pay a full site fee for the whole period of the booking which may be made to the warden on duty. Any attempt to invite guests without paying their site fee will result of a fine. 3 NOISE AND NUISANCE This camping site is intended primarily for a quiet recreational, family or church holiday. It is not suitable for those wishing to hold an event or celebration of any kind. No noise at all is permitted between 10pm and 8 am at night. No music or speakers are allowed on the site, except acoustic instruments. Please make sure that you do not disturb your neighbours. When returning to the site in the evening, please do so quietly without disturbing those who live in the neighbourhood. Any infringement of this rule will result in immediate cancellation of your contract and an obligation to leave the site. Complaints about noise or bad behaviour, either on the site, or in the vicinity, can be made to the mobile telephone number provided with your booking, and will be acted on by the organisation immediately. 4 SITE. The site may be kept locked at all times unless the warden is on site. All bona fide guests will receive the code for the padlock on the entry gate. Please lock the gate behind you as you come in and out. Everyone has appreciated the security this brings.Vehicles must be parked sensibly to avoid blocking other guests.There is a 10 mile an hour speed limit while driving on the site which must be strictly observed. Breck 1 Campervans and Campervans; please drive up to the area you have booked, we have decided against exact marking in 2016.Make sure that there is room for you and your neighbours to leave the site in their vehicle at any time. Pitches are a maximum of 8 metres wide and 10 metres deep. Please do not obstruct access by other clients, people with disabilities and emergency services. Each Group, led by a client, is entitled to one pitch only. If you park on the wrong site or cause an obstruction, your contract will become invalid and you will be required to leave the site without a refund. Glamping / Posh Tents; Please contact http://www.2Posh2Pitch.co.uk about all issues relating to the tent and facilities that you have hired from them. 5 SERVICES PROVIDED BY THE ORGANISATION. St Margarets Church is open daily from approximately 9.30 am to 5pm and is accessible from the site by steps in the dog exercise field, or by footpath to the south. Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult and treat the churchyard and church with respect. Toilets facilities are provided of a good quality with toilet tissue (which may be asked for from the warden, and clients are requested to leave them clean and tidy.) They will be cleaned daily. It is requested and recommended to wash your hands using your own towel Please ensure that children know how to operate the locks inside. Nothing but toilet tissues is allowed in the toilets. No sanitary products or face wipes etc, and NO chemicals are allowed in the toilets as this will stop the new Sewage Treatment plant. A tank is provided for emptying toilet cassettes with hose nearby. No toilet cassette contents may be allowed to touch the ground of the campsite or be put in the toilets. Mains water is available on site and is fully tested and of good drinking quality, also for rinsing cassettes, but no electricity. Public toilets are also available in the car park in Burnham Market during opening hours (10 mins walk). Showers 2 powerful showers are provided in screened cubicles. Water is heated by gas controlled by a heat and a water flow tap on the heater element. Keep well away from the top of the heater and never place anything on it Please bring your own shower gel etc, and towels. Leave the gas cylinder and water supply turned on. Rubbish Disposal. Wheelie bins are provided for small quantities of domestic rubbish only. Their contents are recycled so do not bag. Under no circumstances can these be used for the disposal of unwanted equipment, hot ash or other debris. All other materials, particularly recyclable items should be taken with you on leaving. . 6 LIMITATION OF LIABILITY OF THE ORGANISATION The organisation shall not be liable for damage or loss of any of equipment or for any personal injury while on the site. Your statutory rights are not affected. The site is covered by Church of England (St Margaret’s Church Burnham Market Charity No 1140097) 3rd party insurance to a maximum of 5 million. 7 THE CLIENTS RESPONSIBILITY The client should not use any lighting, heating, cooking or other gas or electrical appliances of any kind, other than appropriate and safe for use on the campsite. Any barbecue apparatus must be on a stand above the grass at a safe distance from the nearest tent. It must not be allowed to burn the grass. Under no circumstance should any burning or smouldering fires be brought into the tent. Deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning have been reported following this practice. All used smoking material must be placed in a closed container and taken away from the site on leaving. Charges will be made for any used smoking material found lying on the ground. Such a practice is also a fire hazard in dry weather. No access is allowed to adjacent fields which are not part of the property of the church as shown on the maps. Permanent steps from the dog exercise area allow access to the church (open daily), graveyards and Burnham Market via Bellamy’s Lane. 8 OPEN FIRES These are only permitted when indicated in appropriate containers, and during periods of drought and harvest will be forbidden  They must be placed at a safe distance from any accommodation and extinguished if unattended.  9 DOGS Well behaved and quiet dogs are allowed at an extra charge of 2 per night (a maximum of two dogs), Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times except in the dog exercise area. All droppings must be picked up immediately and if necessary the ground washed with water. If your dog creates any disturbance, including constant barking, you maybe required to leave the site. Dogs must be medicated against fleas and ticks. 10 FORCE MAJEURE The Organisation will not be liable for any: Act of God including but not limited to tempest, fire, flood, storm or natural disaster; War, civil war, sabotage or act of terrorism; Government sanction, embargo, import or export regulation or order; Labour disputes, including strikes, lockouts, boycotts or other industrial action; Failure in the transportation of equipment, machinery or personnel or in the provision of any utility including power, gas, water, or communication services. While every effort will be made by the Organisation to carry out any booking accepted, however, the full performance of it is subject to variation or cancellation by the Organisation consequent upon Act of God, War, Strikes, Riots, Lockouts or any other disturbances. Fire, Flood, Storm, Gale or Tempest restrictions on the use of Transport, Fuel or Power. Requisitioning Storage of material or transport or labour or any other cause beyond the control of the Organisation. 11 CHOICE OF LAW This contract will be governed by the laws of England and Wales and the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales. 12 CONTRACT The Organisation reserves the right to amend their website and terms and conditions at any time, without prior notice. The contract will be terminated in the event of non-payment, or if there is a breach of the terms and conditions.

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