Beaches and places to swim. Strong tides and currents exist everywhere along the coast – take great care. Check the tide times on the noticeboard (and on this site)

  • Burham Overy Staithe. Walk or Drive.

Take the coast road past the windmill. Possible to walk in fields some of the way. Reach THE HERO pub (excellent food, child and dog friendly) and turn Left Arrive at the hard with creake ahead, by icecream van. Free parking. At low tide walk cross water, tunr right and follow sand to the HOLE, between 2 stone banks. Great SWIMMING DEEP! Further on you can reach Scolt Head Island. Ferry service when tide up enquire locally. OR at high tide (water coming towards you) walk along OVERY BANK (on your right) to GUNN HILL and the beach. Turn right on the beach and it is 2 miles to HOLKHAM. (3 hour round trip on foot).

  • Brancaster Staithe

Turn right after Jolly Sailors and after Snellings Marine (good food dog / child friendly). Sailing club mayhem at high water. Low water nice sandy / muddy walk out through the boats and shallow pool to bathe in but more mud and sand than elsewhere. Joins far end of Brancaster beach. Watch for strong tidal streams

  • Brancaster Beach see the Seals!

Turn LEFT on coast road through Brancaster Staithe and turn right in Brancaster after London Road. Car park by golf club. Pay and display. Turn Right for childrens beach and swim. Pretty safe. OR Turn Left and go mile to Titchwell inlet where there are 20+ Seals. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO WALK TO THE WRECK. YOU CAN DROWN!

  • Holkham and Wells beyond (turn right on coast road towards windmill)

Famous huge sandy beach with lovely walks in the woods (meals) where endless movies are shot! Beyond Burnham Overy Staithe, turn left on Lady Anne Drive in 40 MPH zone. Park and display and broad walk to beach. Holkham Hall turn R instead. Deer park and wonderful things to do at Hall (expensive). OR continue to Wells next the Sea. Try turning left just before the Wells Quay and take Beach road to Beach car park. Lovely caf with great snacks dog friendly. To walk dogs on beach exit carpark at far end. Safe swimming. Wells Quay is famous for crabbing and is a busy working port serving wind farms. High Tides and heights in metres August 2016. 3 hours before high tide not safe to walk in creakes. Always seek local knowledge. No responsibility for getting cut off!! Brancaster beach road is cut off at high tide when tide is 8.0 metres or more. You will wreck your car driving if tide over the road!

Download or check tides for August 2023 at  https://tinyurl.com/4dak2mnp

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